Rugby ‘beast’ turns to beauty

From rugby to beauty, professional Connacht Rugby player Michael Swift has launched his new business, PowderPocket, which is quite different to his day job. is a convenient and cost-effective way of introducing beauty enthusiasts to an array of premium beauty brands from hair care, cosmetics and skincare, to sample without buying the full size items.

Michael Swift came up with the idea while completing his Diploma in Business Management at Hibernian College, where he learned about and became interested in the discovery platform for business.

“After seeing how many of my female friends spend on products that they will not use again, I thought there had to be a solution to the lack of information and education available to everyday consumers on premium beauty items,” he said.

“After sixteen months of research, planning and meeting brands, PowderPocket was born. Offering Irish and international brands directly to members’ door each month to trial, PowderPocket will help subscribers cut through the clutter.”

The idea behind the fully Irish-owned business is to deliver five beautifully packaged products to the subscriber’s door each month. PowderPocket will have a uniquely Irish focus with an Irish beauty product in each box every month.

The products in the box will be deluxe travel-size samples and there will be at least one full-size sample in each box.

A range of new and exciting products will be handpicked by a panel of beauty experts – including Irish celebrity makeup artist Roisin Derrane – from premium Irish and global brands each month.

Each box will contain expert product reviews, helpful hints and links to purchase full-sized products.

Beauty fanatics who want to start a PowderPocket subscription can choose from three plans; a monthly plan for €12; a six month plan for €60, which includes one free box; or a 12 month subscription, including two free boxes for €120.

Those who sign up will be able to fill out a unique beauty profile for a customised subscription. The beauty profile will allow subscribers to select their skin tone and skin type, hair colour and hair type as well as their ‘go-to’ everyday look, how they like their nails done, and what ‘daring look’ they would choose when changing their style.

Any new subscriptions will start in the coming month. For more information or to become a subscriber, visit


Published in the Galway City Tribune.

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